Global Accessibility Awareness Day and the Launch

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, The timing is no coincidence – today is also Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). As a company founded on the mission to transform CXOps with AI and enable organizations to deliver world-class digital customer experiences (CX) at scale, it’s fitting to unveil our website on this significant day. Accessibility sits at the core of CX Score’s mission, and GAAD resonates deeply with our company ethos.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

GAAD takes place every year on the third Thursday of May, and it aims to promote discussion and understanding about making the web accessible to those with various disabilities. In our digital age, technology is not just a convenience but a necessity. However, for individuals with disabilities such as blindness or deafness, technology can often pose more challenges than solutions. That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize accessibility, making technology an enabler rather than a hurdle for everyone.

The History of GAAD

GAAD was first observed in 2015, spurred by a blog post written by web developer Joe Devon. In his post, Joe emphasized the need for web accessibility, a critical area often overlooked during website creation. Touched by the message, Jennison Asuncion reached out to Joe to discuss web accessibility. This conversation paved the way for the birth of GAAD, and since then, they have both been instrumental in advocating for an accessible internet for all.

Celebrating GAAD

There are numerous ways to recognize GAAD, from participating in events to learning more about creating accessible digital spaces. If you’re a developer or designer, try navigating a site you’re working on without using a mouse or trackpad, or use a screen reader. These practices will help you understand the challenges that disabled users face and design solutions to overcome these hurdles. We encourage you to discuss web accessibility on social media, with your colleagues, or in any digital space where you can contribute to the conversation.

Our Commitment to Digital Accessibility

At CX Score, we’re dedicated to empowering companies to deliver accessible, seamless digital experiences. Our AI-powered CXOps platform integrates CX design and metrics into the DevOps lifecycle, streamlining and automating workflows. Our unique Synthetic Users technology simulates customer behavior, uncovering accessibility issues, and providing actionable insights to enhance CX.

Our commitment to digital accessibility aligns perfectly with the purpose of GAAD. As we celebrate the launch of our new website on this meaningful day, we’re reminded of our mission to facilitate delightful and accessible experiences for all users. By embracing the spirit of GAAD, we hope to inspire a greater commitment to accessibility in the digital world, making technology an empowering tool for everyone.