Gen AI-Powered  Accessibility at Scale  

Everyone deserves equal access to the world’s websites and information. The CX Score platform enables agile delivery of exceptional digital experiences that are accessible to all, regardless of physical disabilities, impairments, and limitations.

Every User Journey

AI-generated synthetic users navigate the entire depth and breadth of an application by logging in, clicking on links and buttons, filling out forms, hovering the mouse, interacting with pop ups, etc – uncovering every user journey and fully validating the application.

App Validation
Deliver Accessible Experiences

Accessible Experiences

AI-generated synthetic users simulate users with varying severities of Cognitive, Visual, Auditory, and Physical impairments. Precise emulation of user disabilities validates the application for Color Contrast, Keyboard and Screen Reader navigation, and Responsive design (including zoom levels) issues.

Product Development

With CX Score, engineering teams benefit from dramatic reductions in Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR) accessibility issues, accelerating the delivery of products and experiences. Using AI-guided validation and built-in Dev Tools, developers and testers quickly and efficiently:

  • Deduplicate violations
  • Triage findings
  • Identify root-cause
  • Remediate the violation
  • Verify the fix
Accelerate Product Development 

End to End

End-to-end automation feeds customer engagement insights back to product teams, forks regressions, validates total CX requirements, generates and closes tickets, and verifies bug fixes. API Integrations extend beyond DevOps pipeline to IT service management tools for  ticketing and real-time visualization of compliance conformance.


Continuous Compliance

Real-time reports and interactive dashboards assure continuous compliance with worldwide regulatory standards. With CX Score, business, compliance, and engineering leaders can: 

  • Visualize results by lines of business, various standards, and conformance levels
  • Analyze results by disabilities, severities or principles and compare results across scans
  • Optimize product design over time using recommendations and insights from the total CX score

CX Score Benefits

Reduced Legal Risk

Comply with ADA, Section 508, CA Unruh, AB434, ACAA, EU and UK Equality Acts to mitigate legal risks.

Increased Revenue

Adhere to WCAG standards and W3C design best practices to reach the widest global audience.

Lower TCO

Unify teams, share CX insights and streamline processes to dramatically lower inefficiencies and costs.

Increased Productivity

Automate time consuming developer tasks to reduce MTTD and MTTR and accelerate release velocity

Positive Brand Image

Commit to Accessibility as part of ESG and DEI to increase brand loyalty, and gain competitive advantage.

Impactful Product Design

Integrate CX design and metrics into DevOps to enable agile delivery of impactful products at scale.

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