Drive Digital Excellence with Precision Performance Testing

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, every user interaction counts. CX Score empowers organizations to enhance their digital performance, ensuring seamless access to information and services for all users, regardless of their device, location, or network conditions.

Enhance User Experience Across the Board

CX Score redefines performance improvement with the User-Centric Performance Measurement. By prioritizing user satisfaction, organizations can closely monitor critical metrics such as page load time and interaction responsiveness alongside server-side metrics. This holistic approach ensures proactive identification and resolution of performance issues, leading to enhanced user experiences and increased conversion rates.


Accelerate Time-to-Market with Predictive Insights

AI-generated Synthetic Users simulate real-time user interactions thereby providing early insights into performance metrics, enabling timely detection of issues and proactive optimization. By addressing potential issues early in the development cycle, CX Score helps organizations to streamline the testing process, expedite bug fixes, and ultimately speed up product release timelines.


Optimize Performance at Every Turn

Experience faster issue resolution with CX Score’s autonomous root-cause analysis. By delving deep into application’s code, it swiftly identifies and isolates performance bottlenecks, empowering developers to address issues with precision and efficiency. This comprehensive analysis streamlines the troubleshooting process, enabling faster resolution of performance issues and ensuring optimal application performance.

Streamline Testing with Automation

End-to-end automation capabilities streamline the testing process, from identifying performance issues to verifying bug fixes. By integrating seamlessly with existing DevOps pipelines and IT service management tools, CX Score automates the generation and closure of tickets, ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory standards and optimizing product design over time.

Unlock Real-Time Insights

CX Score provides real-time reports and interactive dashboards, allowing users to monitor application performance metrics and compliance with regulatory standards. By visualizing results by various parameters such as lines of business, standards, conformance levels, and disabilities, users gain valuable insights to optimize product design and deliver exceptional user experiences consistently.

CX Score Benefits

Enhanced User Experience

Optimize website loading times, leading to increased user engagement and reduced bounce rates

Increased Revenue

Faster website and application performance contribute to higher conversion rates and online sales revenue

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Realize significant reductions in MTTD and MTTR for performance issues, facilitating faster software releases.

Cost-Efficiency and Automation

Streamlined testing processes with increased automation efficiency, resulting in reduced testing costs

Improved SEO Performance

Enhance website loading speed to improve organic search traffic and search engine rankings

Improved Customer Retention

Enhance user experience for stronger customer bonds, boosting retention and loyalty