AI-powered CXOps that enables modern product teams to design impactful customer experiences at scale

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to enable companies of all sizes to deliver delightful and highly-functional digital customer experiences (CX). At the core of our products are AI-generated Synthetic Users that browse web and mobile apps much like a human user would. Synthetic Users test and evaluate the quality of CX, provide a Total CX Score, make specific recommendations for CX improvements, and integrate with DevOps and CICD tooling to create a continuous, highly efficient, precise, and reliable process for delivering world-class CX at scale. 

Our founders met during their grad school days in the 90s. Reconnecting in the summer of 2022, they realized they had common interests in the areas of Enterprise Apps, CX, AI, and DevOps. After a couple of months of brainstorming, coding, and conversing with product teams, they concluded that enterprises are in dire need of a unified and integrated approach to CXOps. From this realization, they set about on a mission to use their expertise in product design and AI to create the first AI-powered CXOps platform built specifically for modern product teams.