Connect Product Decisions to Business Outcomes

Build a CX-centric culture that prioritizes product designs and user journeys and enables decision making informed by insights from production usage by customers

CXOps diagram

AI-Powered CXOps for Modern Product Teams

CX Score is the first AI-powered CXOps platform built for modern product teams. Unlike reactive call centers, surveys, and analytics, CX Score integrates product design and experience metrics with DevOps to enable the delivery of impactful experiences at scale. 

GenAI Synthetic Users

CX Score Synthetic User technology combines human intelligence with the limitless power of machines to automate common tasks, guide human validation of complex tasks, and simulate user behavior during design, dev, and ops stages, to provide actionable insights that enable rapid delivery of CX at scale.

GenAI Synthetic Users

Design for Experience ​

Design DevOps Metrics

Measure impact of product initiatives on user engagement, customer satisfaction and financial performance, thereby, connecting product decisions to business outcomes.

User Behavior

Simulate customer behavior during product design, dev, and ops using AI generated Synthetic Users and share actionable insights to enable the rapid delivery of CX at scale

Validate Total Experience

Precisely calculate and improve your total CX Score by automatically validating every user journey against the CX requirements of design, functionality, usability, privacy, security, performance, and accessibility


Measure Impact

Connect CX initiatives to business metrics and outcomes by measuring the impact of product decisions on user engagement, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

Measure Impact

Product Teams

Unify product, design, dev, and ops teams on a single easy-to-use platform that breaks down silos, streamlines processes, and automates manual labor-intensive tasks.


Design for impact using AI-generated predictive insights in design, dev, and ops stages and by connecting product and CX changes to their impact on key metrics


Accelerate delivery of impactful CX at scale using Gen-AI Synthetic Users to experiment and drive actionable insights in design, dev, and ops. 


Improve total CX Score by validating every user journey against design, functionality, usability, privacy, security, performance, and accessibility requirements


Tie product and CX initiatives to user engagement, conversion, CSAT, and financial metrics to connect and measure their impact on business outcomes